Local Spotlight: Bestow Bakery

“Merry Christmas! Here you go!” My friend slides me a bright red tin with Santa printed on the lid.

If you are looking for a local bakery that does it all from delicious breakfast scones to beautiful wedding cakes (including gluten-free options!) then Bestow Baked Goods is your go-to spot. Bestow is locally owned and operated right here in Holly Springs. Bestow has grown from a small kitchen in the back of a coffee shop, to now having its own storefront location.

We know the holiday season can put a swing of spontaneity in the everyday moment. In case you are driving around and just feel that urge to have a holiday treat, Bestow’s bakery case will never disappoint. Here are just a few of our favorite items you can grab in a pinch (if you beat the crowds to them that is).

Sweet Potato Donuts – This is definitely one of Bestow’s quickest sellers. You may think potatoes don’t belong in donuts. In this instance, you would be wrong. They are light and fluffy, not too sweet and you get to say you are eating your vegetables. Are sweet potatoes considered a vegetable? No matter if they are or not, you will not be disappointed with these donuts.

Oatmeal Cream Pies – Take everything you know about an oatmeal cream pie and toss it out the window. These are not your snack cakes with a pilgrim baker girl on the packaging. Bestow starts with their homemade Oatmeal cookies that by themselves are a treat. However, they don’t stop there. They take their perfect, never too sweet, and never gritty buttercream icing and layer a healthy portion in between the cookies. Be prepared to take a nap if you finish one-off.

Gluten Friendly Triple Chocolate Walnut Cooking – Don’t make assumptions that the fact these are “gluten-friendly” means dry and crumbly. If you are a chocoholic then do not pass these up. They are rich, not overly sweet, and so so good.

Bacon Cheddar Scone – Have you ever wanted to put a full breakfast into a scone? Don’t you worry, Bestow took care of it for you. This scone is exactly what you want it to be. With the flavors meshing together perfectly, this is a nice way to kick off your morning.

It doesn’t matter if you want a quick bite of something sweet, or you need a birthday cake three months from now, Bestow is you go to spot.

You can order online from their website or stop by their store located at 4208 Lassiter Rd., Holly Springs, NC 27540.